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CSYP Social w/Who Gives a Scrap? at YP owned 503w!


January 24, 2019 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Our first Social of the year is hosted by YP owned 503w! Nina Lee and her husband Rollie moved back to the Springs after living in Hawaii to take over her family business: The Dutch Mill. But Nina knew from her travels an overhaul was in order. However you can see in the logo for 503w that the old Dutch Windmill is still in it!
Come early and stay late. We always recommend taking an Uber or Lyft down when you can. Hey, be safe and with cool places like Benny’s and Cerebrus within walking distance you may just want to continue your night in the neighborhood when things get busy around 10pm.
We’re featuring Who Gives a Scrap, as they are just across the street from 503w and represent the first of a new way to create a means of giving back to the community….a B Corp. What is a B Corp? In short it stands for Benefit Corp, which fills the void between starting a business and a nonprofit. Lorrie can fill you in more at the event how this works as she was the first to create such in Colorado. We also hope Rep. Pete Lee will be able to make it as well, as he helped make it a reality in Colorado.
More cool stuff to come. Stay tuned!

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