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Adventure CBD offering YP’s a 10% Discount on all orders!

You’ve probably noticed we’ve started promoting Adventure CBD lately on Social Media and so forth. So thought I’d fill you in on why we’re promoting this YP owned brand we’ve known for 12 years.

Anyone who’s coming to our events has seen me on crutches and with an arm sling on more than once in the last 10 years. How many times I have been seen limping around an event or been in so much pain I’ve just sat in one spot all night is something I’ve lost count of a long time ago. Whether it be from my days racing mountain bikes & cross country skies or my time playing rugby in the past catching up to me on up to various bike accidents in the last 10 years and a few car accidents, it’s caused some pretty severe chronic pain. The kind of pain that Advil just doesn’t help much for anymore, and icy hot type cremes don’t help.

A few years ago I started experimenting with CBD. It’s been trial and error with dosages and I’d come to learn that few places do quality control to make sure the quality of the CBD was there. Some don’t even grow their own, often just buying from whomever. It’s one of those things that if you don’t get the right stuff, you’re experience can be uneventful.

So when I learned two brothers who’ve attended our events quite often in the last 12 years had been MIA because they’ve quietly been working on a business growing/making their own CBD for the last 10 years, we got together to talk about it. And lucky for us all, they offered up a 10% discount on all orders from their website, AdventureCBD.com, for all who want to give it a go and not only get the best…but get a little deal on it every single time.

Feel free to share our deal with your friends and family. Your boss. Your older co-worker who complains of aches and pains. We set this up so people could get some solid relief from their aches and pains. No one’s very productive, or fun to be around, when they’re dealing with a little pain or a lot. Anyone who knows me well will tell you first hand how grumpy/edgy I can be when the pain was at it’s worse. This isn’t just some random promo, I actually use the stuff and it’s done wonders for me to have access to the best these last few months. Hope it can help you as well.

And hey, with Christmas coming up feel free to pick up some presents for those close to you who could benefit from some CBD in their life. Or just pick up a thing of one of the topical cremes for the next time you crash on the slopes or wipe out on the trails. Doesn’t take much, and you’ll be thankful you did.

Jon Severson
CSYP founder

Ps AdventureCBD.com is owned locally by Mike & Richard Kwesell whom are both young professionals. They’ve been growing CBD on a 1000+ acres of land in the Colorado sun for over 10 years. AdventureCBD is THC free and can be shipped anywhere in the United States.

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Adventure CBD offering YP’s a 10% Discount on all orders!

June 10, 2019 @ 11:42 AM

You’ve probably noticed we’ve started promoting Adventure CBD lately on Social Media and so forth. So thought I’d fill you …


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